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NAREB Region XII - Baton Rouge Delegation

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[L-R Donnell Williams, NAREB 1st VP, Ira Thomas, Region XII RVP, Annette Nelson (flood victim) and Lora Washington, Region XII Treasurer.]

A NAREB delegation traveled to Baton Rouge, LA November 18, 2016 to show love and give support to members displaced by the flood waters that swept over the Baton Rouge area earlier in the fall.

When the chapter vice president informed me that five members had lost everything, and that another member was housing two of the families, I was compelled to do something to help. I reached out to the chair of the RVPs and also to Region Xll members. When one of us in Region Xll hurts, we all feel the pain.

I also reached out to the NAREB national office and asked for assistance in raising funds to assist our flood victims and agreed that I would be more than willing to make sure each of the five families received whatever financial and in-kind services were donated.

When the delegation, which included vice president of DAR local chapter, RaShad Thomas, Lora Washington, Region XII treasurer and, NAREB's 1st vice president Donnell Williams arrived on Friday night, an unexpected reception had been planned. A room full of people - old and new members were there to greet us. What a welcome surprise as the chapter is in the process of rebuilding.

We were presented certificates signed by the governor and a certificate of Recognition & Appreciation from the president of the chapter. We had lots of good food and needless to say, we were overwhelmed by such a warm reception.

On Saturday, the members loaded us into a van for a tour of the affected areas. All of us were devastated by the amount of damage caused by the flood waters. Entire streets, once lined by homes were now vacant. A newly built subdivision was flooded. No one even had the opportunity to move into the homes before the flood occurred. Some areas were like ghost towns with no residents in sight. Some of the debris had been picked up, but piles and piles of debris remain.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to my NAREB family and especially Region Xll for your big hearts. We were able to bring some temporary sunshine to five families and this was during the Thanksgiving holiday. Your help could not have come at a better time and the members were so grateful. The vice president Williams is committed to helping me get the Baton Rouge Chapter up and running.


NAREB News Release September

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NAREB Region XII - Blog

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The twelve pioneers:

These twelve pioneers, one woman and eleven men hailing from seven states across the country, are NAREB'S recognized founders:

• Nannie Black, Detroit, MI

• Macco Crutcher, Detroit, MI

• Carleton Gains, Detroit, MI

• W. D. Morrison, Jr., Detroit MI

• O. B. Cobbins, Jackson, MS

• W.H. Hollins, Birmingham, AL

• George W. Powell, Jacksonville, FL

• J. R. Taylor, Miami, FL

• F. Henry Williams, Jacksonville, FL

• Horace Sudduth, Cincinnati, OH

• J. W. Sanford, Oklahoma City, OK

• A. Maceo Smith, Dallas, TX