National Association of Real Estate Brokers Region XII

Our Motto is "Democracy In Housing" We Are Committed To Professional Education And Training As Well As Economic Opportunities For Our Members And Communities.

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers Inc. Region XII, includes Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico. We are one of fifteen regions which comprises the National Association of Real Estate Brokers.

Our organization's membership includes many minority ethnicities, but is primarily composed of African American Professionals. NAREB Inc. founded in 1947 is the oldest trade association of its type in the USA. Our membership includes residential and commercial real estate sale agents and brokers, loan officers and mortgage brokers, title companies, attorney, contractors in the building trades, appraisers and home inspectors.


We work with partners in the public and private sector to create economic opportunity that is mutually beneficial to our members and our partners. We consistently reach out to serve underserved communities and enjoy a great measure of success in doing so. We support, promote and participate in community education and empowerment, affordable housing programs, green development and energy efficient systems and programs. Our organization's structure consists of local chapters, state chapters, regional chapters, the national association and affiliates

A Word from Our Regional XII Vice President - Jackie Cooper


The NAREB Region XII team of dedicated professionals strives to be of the upmost value to you as you build your business. We will strive to insure you receive cutting edge information from industry decision makers to help move your ahead of your competitors.

We seek to embrace thousands of Real Estate professional whose goal is to help underserved communities to become homeowners and economic stakeholders in the future of our cities and towns. One of goals is to help provide the tools and resources to enable those pressing forward with this task to make a significant impact on our communities and be rewarded financially for do doing so. NAREB will always present you with the most current beneficial information and resources available. We invite you to join NAREB and become a working member.

NAREB Texas 
Annual Conference Texas Association of Real Estate Brokers (TAREB)San Antonio, TX   June 6-7, 2014 
Embassy Suites Hotel-Northwest
7750 Briaridge
San Antonio, TX  78230
Hotel Direct:  210-253-5834  

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Join the Black Real Estate Professionals from across the Great state of Texas:
  • Austin - Austin Association of Real Estate Brokers
  • Beaumont- Golden Triangle Real Estate Brokers
  • Dallas- Dallas Association of Realtist®
  • Fort Worth-- Fort Worth Association of Realtists®
  • Houston Black Real Estate Association
  • North Texas Regional Association of Realtist®
  • San Antonio Association of Real Estate Brokers
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